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  Mission Statement :
The mission of the college is to create an institution which can be distinguished from other institutions in the city for reasons of quality education, advancement of knowledge and application of new technologies in the delivery of curriculum.
The dynamics of education have undergone qualitative changes in recent years. While everyone is agreed about the importance of acquiring greater knowledge of our material environment, few seem to realize even deeper significance of attempting to acquire a better understanding of their inner self. For the ancient Greeks, "Know thyself" represented the first lesson towards acquiring wisdom. That is what constitutes the Philosophy of education at University College for Women; to produce rounded personality, fortified with a variety of knowledge and capital of tackling difficult situations with tact, grace and equanimity. Success in life largely depends upon well thought and timely decisions.

You are now at the stage when the important personal decisions as to where and what course you study will influence the rest of your life. Friends, family and teachers all offer advice, but ultimately, the choice is yours. If you choose University College for Women, our experienced and highly qualified faculty will focus your energies on academic development and all round personal growth. We will help you to discover your full potentials by emphasizing the wealth of knowledge at your disposal. We try to equip our students intellectually and morally, to cope with the challenges of the modern world of science and technology with emphasis on Islamic teachings and culture.

At UCW we have one simple goal ensuring you to achieve the best result in order to lay the best possible foundation for your chosen career. Towards that end, we provide you with all the pre-requisites: a congenial ambience, state of the art laboratories, a user friendly computer lab, a library well equipped with books and above all a committed faculty. I look forward to seeing you here in UCW for the best years of your life.
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