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  Mission Statement :
The mission of the college is to create an institution which can be distinguished from other institutions in the city for reasons of quality education, advancement of knowledge and application of new technologies in the delivery of curriculum.
Students are expected to uphold the honor and dignity of the college and their own self respect at all the times, inside and outside the college, during and after college hours. They must abide the rules and regulations of the college at all the times. Any decision made or disciplinary action taken by the principal and the staff council is final in all the matters. The authority and jurisdiction of the college extends to all students at all the times, inside and outside the college.

Code of Conduct

College has prescribed a code of conduct. We expect and will demand honesty from our students. Unethical behavior will result in irrevocable dismissal. Each student is required to furnish an undertaking in writing that she will conform to the rules, regulations and moral code laid by the college from time to time.

The college reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student, if she fails to comply with the prescribed rules and regulations. The college takes no responsibility for the conduct or safety of a student if she leaves the college premises without proper permission.

Identity Cards

The students are issued identity cards by the college after getting admission. It is necessary for the students to display ID Cards prominently while attending the classes at College staying in the campus. No student will be allowed to enter the College without an identity card.

Career Guidance

An important feature of the college is the Career Guidance Program that is meant to facilitate students in gaining admission in reputed Colleges and Universities at home and abroad.

The program especially focuses on helping students make the right choice with respect to the selection of their study, keeping their long term career goals in view. Career Guidance & Counseling have drastic results on educational outcome and it improves the quality of education and student's results eventually preparing them for the professional world outside.

Attendance Policy

A student is required to have attended at least 85% of the total lectures/lab work and morning congregation. Students not adhering to class attendance policy will be restrained from appearing in the final examination.

Uniform Policy

Uniform is compulsory for all the students. Proctors are authorized to check and fine the violator. No Jewelry and makeup is allowed to be worn during the College hours.

Fee Structure

College is a non-profit entity and strives to provide quality on subsidized basis. The fee structure is designed to make it affordable for the students for varying socio-economic strata. Please Note: A fine of 25/- per day will be charged if fees are not deposited within the schedule dates. No fine waivers are available in case.

Financial Assistance Program

Responding to its tradition of an institution having a strong welfare commitment, University College for Women offers a broad-bases and liberal financial assistance program for the meritorious as well as deserving students. To apply for financial assistance the applicant is required to submit an application on the prescribed form, which can be obtained separately or with the prospectus on payment of Rs100/-. This form should be submitted along with the admission form.

Financial Assistance Policy

The Financial Aid Committee takes decision pertaining to financial assistance. The decision is taken on the basis of need and merit. Financial aid is dependent on the availability of funds with the college. The Financial Aid Committee assesses the financial need of candidate and determines whether or not the candidate's family has adequate resources to finance education in the college. The need is determined on the basis of the statement of financial resources submitted by the students at the time of admission and at the end of academic year thereafter, other sources of information is required and interviews of applicants by the Financial Aid Committee.

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